You may get more work done at home. But you’d have better ideas at the office

Work at Home or the Office

You may get more work done at home. But you’d have better ideas at the office

With Australia slowing easing back on COVID-190 restrictions for hospitality, entertainment and travel, what will these changes mean for our office culture?  The majority of those forced to work from home have found that they are actually more productive, but what about creativity?

This article from The Washington Post details some interesting findings for business in the USA.  I would think that the same is likely to apply here in Australia, possibly more so!

On Sept. 9, Microsoft cancelled its plans for a back-to-the-office target date of Oct. 4 and said it would no longer forecast when it would fully reopen its U.S. work sites. Other companies, notably Apple and Amazon, have delayed their planned reopening’s to early 2022 because of the surge in coronavirus infections and the uncertainty surrounding the delta variant. Meanwhile, Kastle Systems’ index of office usage in 10 major metropolitan areas shows that office-going rose steadily from January to July 2021 and then abruptly reversed course.

As long as the coronavirus rages, a sizable share of the American workforce is going to be staying on Zoom. What will that mean for economic productivity?

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