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As experts in Body Corporate Management we can also assist self-managed owners corporations in the capacity of a strata consultant.  When working as strata consultants, we offer support and independent expert advice to those facing a specific challenge or conflict between committee members that cannot be resolved.

It may be a simple issue such as a members lack of input and attendance at meetings, personal differences in opinion, and an unwillingness to compromise for the greater good of the strata. Or, situations that may be more complex and difficult to navigate, such as a member’s hidden financial incentives, a lack of understanding around accounting, legislation and building works.

For a strata consulting fee, we can also guide you on best practice in how to manage the daily affairs, insurance, meetings, collecting and banking fees, maintenance and repair of shared areas, and administration or guide you through the Owners Corporation Act and Model Rules.

Understanding Legislation & Fees

As an owners corporation, you manage the common property of a residential, commercial, retail, industrial or mixed-use property development and you are bound by the Owners Corporations Act 2006. This legislation sets out the duties and powers of owners corporations.

Specifically, according to The Owners Corporation Act an owners corporation must manage and administer, repair and maintain common property, fixtures and services, manage insurance, raise fees from the lot owners to meet financial obligations, prepare financial statements and keep financial records and establish a grievance procedure.

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    For strata GST purposes, the owners’ corporation must also register for GST if it is considered to be a non-profit body and its turnover is more than $150,000 (turnover must include levies on unit owners) or it is not considered to be a non-profit body and its turnover is more than $75,000 (turnover must include levies on unit owners).

    If you want to better understand the Owners Corporation Act or are seeking advice on strata fees Melbourne, contact us on 03 9982 1300 and

    Moving Forward:

    If your self-managed Owners Committee finds themselves facing issue after issue without resolution it may be time to engage stratum consultants or to look at engaging a professional Body Corporate Manager. At Iconic Strata we can provide you with a clear plan on how to move forward in a more functional, amicable and legally binding way.

    When you appoint us as your new strata manager, you can rest assured that we are not your average Owners Corporation manager. It’s Iconic’s proven and reliable service that is our greatest strength and what sets us apart in the industry.

    Read our tips on [How to select a Body Corporate] or contact us for confidential, independent advice today.

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    We would be delighted to discuss with you how Iconic Strata Management can make a difference for your Owners Corporation.

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