Noble Park


Flammable Cladding & Building Defects Project

This 18 apartment building in Noble Park presents some unique challenges thanks to a combination of flammable cladding covering significant building defects.  Our challenge with this building is exacerbated by the original developer and builder retaining three of the apartments and refusing to contribute towards the funds needed to move the flammable cladding removal project forward.  The Owners Corporation has engaged specialist lawyers to take action against the developer to recover the costs to rectify the building defects.

Our manager in charge of this building is coordinating involvement by the Victorian Building Authority and Cladding Victoria, dealing with a Project Manager, Lawyers and tendering construction companies.  The tender review process is underway and, with total project costs in the vicinity of $3.5 million, this is a very detailed and protracted process.

Additional project work such as this is an additional management fee typically based on a percentage of the total project cost, usually 5%.  However, Iconic Strata is acutely aware of the significant financial impact these works have and will continue to have for some time on the owners,  have provided our additional management services on a pro bono basis.

Size: 18 Apartments

Services Provided: Strata Management, Project Management


Flammable Cladding, Building Defects, Project Management

Strata Management
Building Defects, Flamable Cladding, Major Projects, Project Management, Residential, Strata Management

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