Marathon Brings Modular Building into New Era

Modular Building Technology

Marathon Brings Modular Building into New Era

With consistent, and alarming, housing value increases around the country, this innovative building concept could be part of the solution, as well as having less of an environmental footprint.

Can Australia’s prefabricated construction industry rectify the growing headwinds facing the construction industry as a whole?

Issues forecast across the construction supply chain include delays for raw materials such as steel and timber, labour shortages and the threat of rising inflation.

Construction prices are rising in line with increased demand from the boom in residential construction and as a result developers and providers are increasingly learning that smarter construction methods such as prefabrication are bringing a greater level of certainty to their projects.

Most Australians have a shared memory of the old ‘demountable’ classrooms that have been a staple of Australian schools across the past 40 years, which typically were budget specification, poorly insulated buildings that were not conducive to optimal learning outcomes.

However, the construction sector has innovated and refined modular or prefabricated building methods to the point where it is difficult to distinguish between an onsite build and a prefabricated build once they are installed. Most building typologies can be modularised, providing almost unlimited design outcomes, including large open spaces and multi-storey construction.

Hybrid onsite/prefabricated projects are also possible with this method, enabling buildings that can be delivered with all the benefits of modular construction, but using traditional site-built elements such as concrete slabs and masonry construction.

Marathon Modular were able to deliver a multi-storey project within six months for Ventia at their refurbished Rockdale depot, building the ground storey out of masonry and prefabricating the top storey. This reduced the build time by approximately six months and allowed ancillary works to be completed simultaneously.

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