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Easy Steps to Change Body Corporate

So, you’re dissatisfied with your current service and want to know how to change Body Corporate manager?

If you feel your fees are too high, communication is poor, complaints aren’t being resolved, and the property maintenance is not up to scratch, it’s probably time to start looking for a more professional and reliable Body Corporate Manager.

Yet for many owners, the hassle and legalities of divorcing their current Body Corporate Manager holds them back from getting started. That’s why we’ve prepared this list of action items for owners who want to know how to change Body Corporate management companies.

We know how important your asset is to you, and we are here to help you get the best possible service.

How to change Body Corporate managers, Victoria

Check your current Body Corporate Agreement

Check the date on your current Body Corporate managers contract to ensure it does not roll over to another 12 months at the expiry date. It’s important to also make sure your termination notice abides by Victorian legislation and The Owners Corporation Act 2006 that can be viewed [here].

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    Research alternative Body Corporate Managers

    It’s important to select a Body Corporate Manager who is a good communicator, experienced, and a professional member of the peak body Strata Community Association (SCA). We have prepared a complimentary Owners Corporation Management Tender Criteria and Questions booklet to assist you with what questions to ask and what to look for in your new Strata Manager, that is available to download [here].

    Compare Quotes

    You will need to obtain competitive quotes from a number of Body Corporate management companies to present to your Owners Committee. Make sure you carefully review and compare the associated costs, contract terms and functions to best meet the needs of your property. When you’re just getting started you might also ask, “how much is body corporate in Melbourne?” We’ve outlined everything you need to know about strata fees [here].

    Download Our Divorce Kit

    At Iconic Strata we are committed to helping you change strata management in a painless, amicable and legally binding way. Our complimentary, obligation-free Divorce Kit includes everything you need to know about divorcing your current provider, download it [here].

    Please contact us today to learn how to manage your current situation and move forward with a high-performance Body Corporate Manager.

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