Dysfunctional Body Corporate Committee

Body Corporate Committees:

In our role as Body Corporate Managers, we work closely with owners to manage the daily affairs, insurance, meetings, collecting and banking fees, maintenance and repair of shared areas, and administration of the Owners Corporation. We love it when owners take a proactive interest in their property and appreciate the hard work of Owners Corporation Committee members who volunteer their time to make everyone’s strata experience an enjoyable one.

Owners Corporation committee members, when appointed, must act in the best interests of all lot owners within the owners corporation. Yet, unfortunately, at times you may find yourself with an Owners Corporation Committee that is dysfunctional. When this happens, it creates much frustration, long drawn out meetings without resolutions, and road blocks to important maintenance and building works.

If you dutifully pay your strata fees but find yourself in a position where your Body Corporate Manager cannot efficiently resolve issues, it’s time to seek independent advice about how to improve your strata living experience.

When you have a dysfunctional Body Corporate Committee:

There are many reasons you may find yourself in a dysfunctional Owners Corporation Committee. It can be as simple as certain member’s lack of input and attendance at meetings, personal differences in opinion, and an unwillingness to compromise for the greater good of the strata. Or, more complex and difficult to navigate, such as a member’s hidden financial incentives, a lack of understanding around accounting, legislation and building works.

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