Client Feedback

Client Feedback

Our passion is making a tangible difference for our client Owners Corporations. This is what motivates us, and its receiving feedback from clients like the examples below that drives us to excel at everything we do, every day.

If you are reading this and thinking, why don't I feel that way about my owners corporation manager, perhaps its time you called us for an inform chat and to learn more how Iconic Strata Management can make a difference to your strata community.

I cannot thank you enough for your persistence and hard work on our behalf.   I don’t think we would have had this level of dedication and determination from any other company, so thank you!

Chairperson, Owners Corporation 624779Y


Brigitte has brought about significant improvements in both our formal and informal processes, and in reporting and the provision of information.  Several owners have given a strong endorsement of the establishment of an Islington Townhouses portal via the My Community website.  A particularly useful feature is that access to information on our portal is offered via three categories – lot owners, residents and committee members

Chairperson, Owners Corporation 516295B


Thank you, Brigitte. I thought it was an excellent performance by Iconic Strata and made it very clear to all present why we changed agents.

Lot Owner, Owners Corporation 516295B


With the new Management of Iconic Strata Management in place, it has been a pleasure for the committee and the Management to make definite progress in the maintenance and upkeep of our property.

Secretary, Owners Corporation 11226


I set myself a reminder to pass a quick note of thanks to you for your professionalism and accessibility in our brief interactions.

I readily admit to some frustrations to date, in receiving support from Owners Corporation managers, but acknowledge that you have been open to what represents the best interest of your client.

J Tigel, General Manager

Spirit Telecom


Great work!!!  Thanks for all your efforts – It is much appreciated!!

I like the way you operate!  Very thorough and professional.

Lot Owner, Owners Corporation 633790L


A big thank you for all the hard work you have put into this. Not only reconciling but just getting all the documentation from the various sources. A massive effort.

Committee Member, Owners Corporation 414813Y




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