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Leading Owners Corporation Managers in Victoria

Since 2007, the highly experienced and dedicated team at Iconic Strata Management has provided property owners and developers with an honest and open approach to Owners Corporation Management.

With our ‘no property gets left behind’ philosophy, we pride ourselves on being professional, agile, and results-driven for Owners Corporations of ANY size!

Boasting a management portfolio of more than 1,600 lots made up of residential, commercial, and industrial properties, our track record for consistently delivering the highest levels of service to Owners Corporations is evident through our positive client testimonials.

Our Service Performance Guarantee gives you peace of mind AND the assurance that your property investment will be well managed and maintained, and your owners corporation committee has the guidance to meet compliance with Victoria’s Owners Corporation Act and Regulations.

Our combined 30 plus years of experience assures you an honest, open, and results-driven owners corporation manager.

We would be delighted to explain how we operate and to provide you with an obligation free consultation.

Owners Corporation Managers – we are ICONIC!

You Can Expect the Unexpected

At Iconic we’re not your average Owners Corporation.

Our smart approach and service performance excellence is what makes us different from others in the industry. We understand that owners value their property and want the best possible service from their Owners Corporation Manager.  At Iconic Strata Management, it’s our track record for consistently delivering the highest levels of service to Owners Corporations is evident through our positive client testimonials.

We regularly hear about the frustration and stress that occurs when Owners Corporations are managed poorly – including a lack of communication, poor service, delays in processing work orders and insurance claims, unfinished projects, and long drawn out meetings that result in no positive outcomes. It’s little wonder committee members, who dutifully pay their owners corporation fees, become disillusioned with their provider and look at terminating their Owners Corporation Manager.

At Iconic Strata, we strive to be different.

Our philosophy is to deliver the unexpected for our valued clients and to make their strata living experience relaxed and stress-free.

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Our Owners Corporation Management Team

Our management team is headed up by Brigitte Cheston.

With 26+ years of experience in the real estate industry and 14+ years of experience in Strata Management, Brigitte is passionate about delivering excellent customer service and has the knowledge and expertise to manage the most complex strata.

As a fully licensed real estate agent, Brigitte’s high standard of regulatory and legislative knowledge ensures efficient Owners Corporation management, with minimum liability exposure to the Owners Corporation.

As a property owner and Owners Corporations member herself, Brigitte approaches issues with empathy and professionalism, ensuring every one of her members receives optimum service.

Brigitte’s broad Owners Corporation Management experience ranges from the smallest Owners Corporations of 3 or 4, through to extensive 400+ apartment buildings, many with multiple Owners Corporations, and 1,500 lot residential estates.

If you need some Owners Corporation Management advice, contact Brigitte directly on 03 9982-1300

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We would be delighted to discuss with you how Iconic Strata Management can make a difference for your Owners Corporation.

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